Mackay Rehabilitation Hospital

For our Patients

Are you a patient or soon-to-be patient? He is all of the information you need to know about staying at Mackay Rehabilitation Hospital .

Your stay

On your admission to our hospital you will undergo a number of comprehensive assessments from members of the multi-disciplinary team. These assessments are carried out to ensure that the rehabilitation program that is developed has the best possible impact on increasing your level of functioning.

Our team of doctors, nurses and allied health staff establish a professional relationship with you and work with you during your stay to meet the agreed goals of your rehabilitation program.


Our fees and charges are generally covered by your Private Health Insurance or DVA. We can do a health fund check for you at any time to clarify this.

Workers Compensation or Third Party patients will have an approved claim and again we will check this approval with the Payer before your admission.

What to bring

  • Comfortable loose fitting day clothing
  • Nightwear
  • Safe footwear. e.g. flat shoes with rubber soles
  • Appropriate swimwear for hydrotherapy
  • Personal hygiene items
  • All your medications and prescriptions
  • Electric razor (if required)
  • Medicare card Private Health insurance card/ details
  • DVA entitlement card, Concessional card, Safety Net entitlement and other concession cards

Going home

The multi-disciplinary team and you will decide when you have reached your agreed goals and it is time to be discharged.

A Discharge Plan will be drafted during this process. This Plan sets out actions that either you or a Team Member need to undertake.

You will be contacted by a Team Member about 2 weeks post-discharge as a follow up to your hospital stay.


Your meals are prepared fresh daily on-site.



Your personal clothes will need to be washed by your family.


As required by Queensland Government Law our grounds are a smoke-free environment.


All patients are given a Patient Satisfaction Survey Form during their stay with us. Patients are encouraged to complete this form however it is optional. If patients or family wish to provide additional informational this is welcomed to the address