Mackay Rehabilitation Hospital

What We Do

Specialist Rehabilitation Services

Mackay Rehabilitation Hospital provides interdisciplinary rehabilitation for both inpatients and outpatient/day therapy programs. We aim to restore function and independence following illness or disability. Our intensive and comprehensive rehabilitation programs are personalised to meet individual needs. We work with our patients to achieve their goals, whether it’s to return to home, or to return to work or to recreational activities. 

Our experienced and dedicated teams include Rehabilitation Specialist Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists. Other members of your team may include a dietitian, pharmacist, podiatrists, psychologist or social worker. 

Our rehabilitation services include:

  •    Orthopaedic – joint replacements, fractures

  •    Musculoskeletal

  •    Multi-trauma rehabilitation 

  •    Amputation rehabilitation and gait retraining  

  •    Neurological – stroke, traumatic brain injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease

  •    Pain management

  •    Reconditioning – restorative e.g. following illness or surgery

  •    Cancer rehabilitation

  •    Pulmonary programs

  •    Falls prevention and balance programs

  •    Hydrotherapy – hydrotherapy pool opening in April 2015


Inpatient admissions may be suitable for those requiring more intensive rehabilitation therapy, require nursing assistance, or for those transitioning from hospital to home.

Outpatient/Day Therapy programs provide rehabilitation to those in the community. These may be individualised programs or in a group setting e.g. cardiac phase II group, falls prevention and balance group, cancer rehabilitation group.

At Mackay Rehabilitation Hospital our holistic and person-centred approach provides patients  with the best rehabilitation and support in their recovery. 



Mackay Rehabilitation Hospital